Monthly Archives: May 2015

Pirate Ball Countdown!

CollagesUptown, Downtown come one come all, it’s the Pirate Ball countdown! Spring has sprung and summer’s about to come!
As expected, we have even more sponsors! We welcome aboard Provence en Boite, Classic Harbor Line, DeBragga and Mad Mac Macaroon – Blimey!!
Of course we be eatin’ our mutton with our hands, wiping our mouths on our sleeves and drinking rum while singing songs.
Back in the day, pirates actually captured musicians and forced them to play music aboard the ships. The songs that the pirates loved most were the ones that they could sing and dance to and of course, drink to as well. So let me remind you all that plenty of merriment from this years entertainers is a guarantee! So, come join us all you buccaneers; heave ho all you scallywags and seadogs; you’ll be three sheets in the wind by the time you’re land ho!

That be the pirate way. david smith Trio

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